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Welcome to the Digital Divide Network!
A project of TakingITGlobal

The Digital Divide Network is the Internet's largest community for educators, activists, policy makers and concerned citizens working to bridge the digital divide.

This is a static archive of the Digital Divide Network content. Due to the extraordinary amount of spam being posted and traffic to the site from robots overwhelming the site with inappropriate content, TakingITGlobal can no longer afford to maintain and manage the site content. However, you are welcome to browse the wealth of content on the site. Blogs can still be contributed to the site via RSS syndication, and member profiles are still active!

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Read recently published entries from DDN member's blogs. Any DDN member can have their blog listed here, all you have to do is syndicate the RSS in your profile! (we no longer support direct blogging due to being overwhelmed with spambots!)
Home Networks Gain Digital Media Devices
David H. Deans | February 6
Few home network users currently have permanent connections between their Consumer electronics (CE) devices and their home networks. Those that do primarily connect their game console, according to the latest market study by In-Stat.As more connected CE devices become available, In-Stat expects...
Decline in Network Infrastructure Equipment
David H. Deans | February 6
Dell'Oro Group announced that it forecasts the combined worldwide sales for access network infrastructure equipment including Cable, DSL and PON access concentrators will decrease almost 15 percent in 2009 to $4.0 billion.Their latest market study indicates that this decrease is primarily due to...
Cali Lindy Hoppers unite for 24 Hour Cancer Dance-a-Thon
Rik Panganiban | February 6
I love hearing about lindy hoppers using their skills to help a worthy cause.  I got news that a 24 Hour Cancer Dance-a-thon, is happening from March 5-9 in Orange County, California:The Dance-a-thon is a 24 hour swing dance in Orange County, CA. Its mission is to raise funds for cancer...
Virtual LOLcats insulin pumps raise awareness about the dangers of diabetes
Rik Panganiban | February 6
What you see here is a closeup of the virtual insulin pump worn by my dragon avatar in Second Life, courtesy of Noelyci Ingmann.  Hamlet Au just blogged about the pump -- which comes in a "regular" and a "LOLcats" version believe it or not -- so I had to check it out. The...
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Web 2.0 and Development
Web 2.0 and Development What prospects does the Web 2.0 revolution hold for ICT4D?
By: Ilan Tsekhman
July 30, 2008 | [more]
Access Denied
By: Kim Hart, Washington Post | June 19, 2008
The Blind or Deaf Can Feel Left Behind As the Tools of Technology Advance

$100 Laptop! Is it worth what it seems to be?
By: Alok Shrestha, TakingITGlobal | Community: Access | January 31, 2008
The project named, OLPC (One Laptop per Child), is gaining rapid popularity in developing as well as developed countries. This project was initially conceptualized by Nicholas Negroponte, founder chairman of MITs’ (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Media Lab and was announced in The World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland on January 2005. The project aims to provide laptops worth $100 to each and every school age child of underdeveloped and developing countries so that children do not have to be deprived of basic education.

Thinking About Tomorrow
By: Vauhini Vara,Jessica E. Vascellaro, Wall Street Journal | Community: Cool Tools | February 7, 2008
. How will technology change the way we shop, learn and entertain ourselves? How will it change the way we get news, protect our privacy, connect with friends? We look ahead 10 years, and imagine a whole different world. January 28, 2008; Page R1

Story Telling:My Second Home at Salamieh Telecentre
By: Nabil Eid, Salamieh Telecentre | Community: ICT4 Development | February 6, 2008
Story Telling:My Second Home, Salamieh Telecentre ICTs4D Rural women with Disabilities Roza Al-Yazji a Twenty-two years old girl, ranking the third amongst four brothers, She was born and suffered from many health problems, including speech disorder and learning disabilities. At the beginning, her parents noticed that case. But when she reached the age of sixteen, her parents could see her delay in speech and learning, balance disorder when she walked. Her parents tried to get her into the state School but that was in vain. She was unable to continue learning with her colleagues in the classroom. Then she had no other choice but leave school and stay at home and rely on her relatives in learning.

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