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Andy Carvin's Waste of Bandwidth: The DDN Edition
Video: From Baramati to Bombay

While returning from the Baramati conference to Bombay this Sunday afternoon, I recorded a series of video clips on my digital camera. On the airplane home, I edited them together into a five-minute video blog called From Baramati to Bombay.

All of the clips were taken from our car as we made the six-hour trek between rural Baramati and urban Bombay, so the video captures the shift in population density and development as it progresses. I decided against mixing in any music, mostly because of copyright concerns, so for now the audio captures whatever ambient noise was going on at the time, including goat herds, bullock carts, auto rickshaws and traffic. (I'm also trying to get permission from the Rajasthani folk band Musafir to use some of their music in the video for a future version of it.)

The file is more than 30 megs, but I've optimized the video for online downloads, so hopefully you will be able to watch it as it downloads. The video was shot with a Canon A60 digital camera, then uploaded to my Mac G4 laptop and edited with Final Cut Pro HD 4.5. The video is available on my blog under a Creative Commons noncommercial/share-alike license, so please feel free to use the video in part or in full for other purposes, as long as it's noncommercial in nature, you cite me as the source, and you pass along the same rights to others.

Over the weekend I will try to edit together the footage I took at our visit to a rural cyber bus in a farming village outside Baramati. I managed to put the clips together but still have to write and record the narration. Stay tuned... -andy

March 8th, 2005 @ 1:52PM

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